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What is goals-based investing?

The objective of goals-based investing is all about helping you, the investor, reach your goals. It sounds like an obvious concept, and you’re probably thinking, “How is it different from what I’m doing right now?”

The trend towards goals-based investing represents a shift in the way you may have thought of investing and how your portfolio was designed. Each account may have had its own goal, with portfolios heavily shaped by your risk profile.

What are you saving for?

With the goals-based investing approach, you’re in the driver’s seat of your own investment strategy. Success is measured by whether your portfolio is on track to meet your unique goals and needs. These milestones can be short-term, like buying a new car, or long-term, such as buying a vacation home.

This is helpful because you can be actively involved in building your own investment strategy with your advisor, which is closely aligned with your life goals after all. With this new perspective, you may be more steady with your approach and less likely to overreact to market fluctuations.

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